Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Cowgirl Got Me to Stop Believin' 'cause of How She Rolls

I have a total music collection. If you don't know how I am about music and you hit the "shuffle" button it would probably lead to believe I was either a madman or a genius due to the wide range of tunes.  You might start off with something by The Ramones, followed by the Beatles, Lead Belly, the Berliner Philharmonic, something from the show Rent, a Finnish folk song, a tune by Buck Cherry, and then end with the Tran Siberian Orchestra.  I like variety.

I like music that has complex phrasing, good lyrics, vocals that are sung with extreme passion, and a story I can believe.  I may not have experienced everything being sung about in a ballad, but I need to believe that the singer has.

This kind of explains the bizarre makeup of my 50 Greatest Motorcycle Riding Tunes.  It is a mixture of tunes that I personally like to listen to while I ride. The list is limited to 50 songs to keep it from going wild which means if I'm going to add a new song, I have to take one off. Well, that time has come.

I recently got to hear a local Michigan musician called Iron Cowgirl Missy. Her music has a certain drive and passion behind it that is infectious. The vocals are strong and you can tell she means every word.   The guitar licks are not boring and can be listened to over and over again because you're always finding something new to enjoy. Her lyrics, for the most part, relate to riding or being on the road. The minute I first heard this song I was convinced that it needed to be on my list because of one lyric in particular.

"Two wheels and a white line, that's how I roll..."     

It was that lyric that got me to pay attention to the rest of the song. I am glad I did. It's a great ballad that I'm glad she chose to share and that I was lucky enough to come across.  (Please don’t tell her that I called it a ballad.)

So with much fanfare and all the flourishes that should accompany such an event, Forgiveness Won't Find Me by Iron Cowgirl Missy is now part of my 50 Greatest Motorcycle RidingTunes...

BTW you can access her website here, and find out more about her and where she is performing. You can also order a T-shirt and get a copy of her CD which has this song plus a bunch of others are only $10.  Worth twice the price.