Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Day In The Classroom

When we got back to the dealer, Blondie was straddling a shiny Sporster. Apparently, she was going to buy it but was retaking the road part of the course to make sure she remembered how to ride from the year before.

We covered the rest of the book to include carrying passengers. EMT said it was very difficult to do until you were an experienced rider and had trained the passenger. He recommended riding for a full year alone before you tried it.

The third time I rode my Dad's Suzuki, I carried my first passenger. She was pressed tight against me and was holding on tight with arms and legs wrapped around me, so it was like being one entity instead of two. I don't recall any issues, the only thing I remembered was the bike laid into curves better due to the added weight I guess God does watch out for stupid teenagers.

We did the last of the exercises and then called it a night.

Headed home with my left forearm a little sore (from using the clutch) and feeling very good about how well I had done.
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