Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Would Walt Say?

I have been off line for a week or so because I was at a family reunion at Walt Disney World (had a great time,  thanks for asking).  As the chief organizer I acted as taxi between the airport and the hotel on arrival day.  On one of my trips, my ears detected the sound of a Harley and I looked around to find a lady riding a beautiful Softail.

It was a deep, indigo blue metal flake and the sun was making the chrome sparkle like a field of stars.  To my surprise the rider was wearing a full face helmet,  very unusual given that Florida is a helmet optional state.   Also, even though it was about 80 she even had on leather riding gloves.  Wow,  she was concerned for her safety.  Well not so much: The rest of her riding outfit consisted of a bikini that matched the bike's blue and sandals.  The view was nice,  but the safety angle was shot.


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