Thursday, January 21, 2010

Masons. Live Better.

I am a Freemason and proud of it.  Whereas I feel strongly about the organization I am part of,  I am not going to use this forum to debate the benefits and mysteries of Freemasonry.  So,  if you are not inclined to be neutral about this,  just replace the Freemason reference in your mind to any other socially redeeming organization you are part of.

As a Master Mason I feel obliged to serve not only my community but also my Lodge and as such I am an officer within the Lodge.  Like many organization who have officers,  you serve a year long term and then usually move up within the organization until you top out.  On 7 January 2010,  I moved up from my last post to my present one and with it I took on some new responsibilities and duties.  As a result of that move I also accepted the responsibility of another goal for my winter months; to know and become familiar with my new role.

This will require some reading on my part as well as some memorization.  I will also need to be more familiar with the by laws and inner workings of the Lodge and how it relates to the state Grand Lodge.  To a large degree this is kind of pastoral, but necessary and will bring its own reward as my year in the office goes on.


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