Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whether You Like It Or Not There Will Be Weather

I get asked a lot about the weather here. Right now it is not hot, but it is coming soon. Most of the days are between 70° and 80° and it goes down to around 60 at night. Soon, the additional top-end around 130° and the nights will be around 100.   For the past several days we’ve been dealing with dust storms.
Until they get here most people think that Kuwait is a big sandbox.  It really isn’t. It may be sand colored but what covers the ground is actually a very fine dirt.  Because of the arid climate there is no moisture in the air so the dirt has the consistency of talcum power.  When you walk across it it makes little clouds every time you put your foot down. So when the wind starts to pick up and race along the surface of the ground  it throws all that dust into the air. The result is something that looks kind of like brown fog. Usually people put on breathing masks if they have to go out in it. And it makes driving and other outside activity more dangerous because of the lack of visibility.

Yesterday, they had to shut down entrance and exit to the base for a few hours because we were in the middle of a dust storm.  Of course, because the land is fairly flat you can see these things coming for miles before they get to you which makes them kind of predictable.    The wind gusts today have been up to 50 km  so there is a lot of dust in the air right now.

Today was my day off, we work 11 hours a day six days a week, and I was going to go out to the base to do some shopping and explore the facilities there for recreation, etc. But the dust was so bad that I could not see clearly 30 feet in front of me. So instead, I did some shopping around town and watched some TV.
I guess, given the choice between dust and heat I will take the dust at least for a while.

Hope the weather is better where you are…

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