Friday, March 5, 2010

Still Too Damn Cold To Hit It On Two Wheels

Even though we have not gotten our usual dumping of snow this year, it bypassed us for the East Coast, it is still cold, wet, and icy. However, bikes have started to reappear for sale in anticipation of spring and I have started to peruse them again -- -- even though it'll be a least a couple weeks before I can test ride anything. While looking through the listings I came across this Goldwing complete with sidecar.

One of the first thoughts I had was that MacBeth could now go riding with me. Unfortunately, I think this one would be too shallow and he would be tempted to jump out when I stopped. I think if I could come up with one of the old-fashioned ones that was deeper and only had a body sized hole to crawl into MacBeth might like that okay, as he could lay down and snooze as we cruise down the highway.

I have seen a few nice Silverwings among the listings, but nothing to make me willing to brave subzero windchills just to perform a test ride. At least the inventory of good used bikes appears to be on the up tick, of course so are the prices.


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  1. Hi, I enjoyed perusing your blog! Thank you! I've toyed with getting a side car for my '82 Aspencade (all weather riding), although I doubt my $$ situation will change anytime soon. I always wanted one of the "all terrain" Urals with the powered sidecar wheel. Now THAT would be fun in the snow! =) Take care and ride safe out there. =) Squirts Jus' squirtin' along...