Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lessons In Basic Math & Other Fun At The Motorcycle Swap Meet

So, one bright Sunday morning I went to the motorcycle swap meet. I really wasn't sure what I would find there because never been to one before. I was hoping to see some motorcycles that were for sale so I could familiarize myself with different models and what they looked like. What I found was mostly parts and apparel. I did find a stand selling Harley T-shirts for the low price of $10 each or two for $15. So, I grabbed one for me and one for my son. The transaction went like this:

Handing him two T-shirts and A $20 bill, I said "Here, I'll take these two."

Seller Dude #1 said "Oh, okay" he picked up the sign that said $10 for one, $15 for two, then put it back down. He counted the two shirts I had given him then turned to Seller Dude #2. "Hey I need change for this guy."

Seller Dude #2 looked up and said "What do you need?"

Seller Dude #1 counted the two shirts again and said "I need a $10 bill." With this, Seller Dude #2 hands him a $10 bill that Seller Dude #1 hands to me. He says "There you go man, thanks."

"Um, this is too much back" I said, being honest "I got two shirts you only owe me just $5." I then handed him back the $10 bill

Seller Dude #1 picked up the sign and looked at it again. He thought for a moment then said "Oh, you're right." then he turned to Seller Dude #2 "Dude, I need a $5 bill not this, he got two shirts." Seller Dude #1 hands #2 the $10 bill and the two shirts.

Seller Dude #2 then hand Seller Dude #1 back the two shirts, and motions for him to hand them to me, which he does. "Um, I don't have a 5, do you have anything smaller?" I handed Seller Dude #1 a $5 bill making a total that I had given him $25, he hands this to Seller Dude #2 and takes the $10 bill back from him.

Seller Dude #1 smiles at me and says "Here ya go" and hands me the $10 bill and my original $20 bill. At this point I am $5 and two T-shirts ahead.

"Uh, tell you what, let's do this instead." I said, trying to be helpful without being condescending. I hand the $20 bill to Seller Dude #2, and motion for him to give me back the $5 bill -- which he does. "There, now everything is right."

Seller Dude #2 seems forward and points at Seller Dude #1 then says to me in a low voice. "He's not real good at math but I needed some help."

"Uh huh." I said "See you later."

I walked around the whole show twice, kind of disappointed, and then on my way out I looked over at that same T-shirt booth to see an older gentleman slapping Seller Dude #2 on the back of the head saying something about the T-shirts were supposed to be $15 each and $25 for two. That would've led to even more math fun for Seller Dude #1.


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