Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Bike? Probably So!

In all likelihood this will be my first bike.  1982 Silver Wing Interstate GL500.  Just over 40K miles and looks to be in prime condition.  I test ride,  take to to a mechanic and drive it home on the 17th.

Oh,  forgot to mention.  It is in Indiana and I will have to ride it 160 miles to get it home.  That part was unplanned.


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  1. One of my first road bikes was a '78 CX 500... God, that was an UGLY bike! I rode the wheels off of it, though. =) I've always been fond of the dresser GL models. The CX/GL 500s are pretty rock solid. Mine eventually died because of the cam chain tensioner. The CX/GL 500s tend to get a lot of cam chain noise once the bike is broken in. There's a small bolt in the back of the block which can be used to tightn the cam chain, but beware as it is easy to break off (which I did) allowing the entire cam chain tensioner unit to fall into the crankcase (You have to pull the engine to fix it). Adjust the valves regularly and keep the carbs clean and you'll be ready to rock. Happy trals, Squirts