Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get a Bike. It Will Get You into a Woman's Arms

One of my favorite websites is PostSecret by Frank Warren. My son even took me to see Frank speak in person when he came to his university and I found it very interesting. Basically, Frank's project is to have people send him their secrets on postcards and then he posts a select few on the web, or in books. The goal is very basic, it gives people a way to share their secrets anonymously. In some small way this probably gives the confessor a bit of peace, and  gives those of us who are reading them a bit of insight into the psyche of the human race. Quite often I have read secrets that relate to things that I have felt or have been secrets of people I have known.

When I read this card, it made me wonder how many of the single rider bikes that I see share this same secret? I actually don't think that this was such a bad thing, but  just a little sad.


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