Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Story Has Everything -- A Dog, A Cat, Recycling, and Poop

I took the dog for a walk this AM about 0530 or so.  The air was cool and smelled fresh due to the overnight rain.  When I walk Falkor I clean up after him, not wanting to make the neighborhood any more slummish than it already is.  I recycle my plastic shopping bags by using them to pick up his poop , and when I get to a dumpster I throw it in.  On our walking course there are dumpsters about every 50’ or so.  They are plastic and old, have no lids, and they smell really bad.  Living in and around the dumpsters are semi feral cats, at least two per dumpster. The cats feed off the trash and keep the rats away so they are tolerated.  So I will throw the poop bag into the dumpster, because if you get too close sometimes a cat will jump out at you – not attacking you per se but just out of fear.  The dog did his business, and when we walked past the next dumpster I threw the bag towards the dumpster.

As the bag was in the air, a cat came flying out of the dumpster and because the bag was spinning as it went through the air – somehow the cat managed to jump right into the open end of the bag ending up inside with the poop.  The cat and bag became one and flew away from the dumpster and landed on the street in front of me and the dog.  Falkor went nuts thinking he was being attacked by a lumpy plastic bag, the cat was rolling all over the place inside the bag trying to find an exit, and I was laughing my ass off as I watched the scene.  The cat finally found the bag’s top and jumped out of it, which made Falkor bark even louder that a cat would dare magically appear to challenge him.  As I continued to laugh, the confused and now poop covered cat took off across the alley – probably wondering what it did in life to deserve a morning start like that.  I hope your morning is better and that you manage to jump into it without landing in a bag full of poop.


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