Sunday, January 13, 2013

Around The 'hood

Several places are under construction
The day after I got back from my holiday leave, I was immediately thrown into moving mode and packed out of my old place to move into a new one. The new place is just down the road from the old one, but there is a massive difference in both the neighborhood’s style and the people who live there. My new neighborhood is primarily ex-patriots and some Kuwaitis, whereas my old neighborhood was the most entirely Indian unskilled working-class expatriates.  The new neighborhood is also much newer and as a result is cleaner and better kept.

One thing I like about the new place, is that I can walk Falkor around the neighborhood without having to walk in the street – – there are sidewalks.  The neighborhood itself is also interesting in that each villa seems to have its own personality. I think that most of them are like the one I am living in where it is basically an apartment building for three or four tenants that is designed to look like a house for a single family. I couldn't imagine having a family big enough to need all three or four stories of these buildings, but I suppose it is possible.  The houses are spaced very close,  usually a meter on one side,  and two meters on the other.

So for today's entry, I will take you on a walk around the neighborhood and show you some of the houses that I like or found interesting.

Italian style
Saw a place in Venice that looked exactly like this

This is an Indian Preschool

Biggest place in the neighborhood,  nice wrought iron.

California style

A homage to Frank Lloyd Wright?  Notice the spiral staircase
Love the entry way and big second floor window

Saw one similar in Miami

A lot like the newer houses in England

Like the colors
Modern looking but nice

This is my favorite house in the neighborhood.  It reminds me of the Porta Negro in Trier, Germany

Porta Negro Trier, Germany


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