Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Umleitung, To Explain Umleitungs

Umleitung is the German word for an an alternate route.  These must be taken from time to time due to road construction or some other change to your original route. In England they call these diversions, in America it is a detour. While I was living in Germany I came across the occasional Umleitung and based several experiences I began to see these as more of a side adventure than a disappointing delay. Often, these side routes showed me something I had never seen before and then I was able to go on with my original trip. 

Therefore, I am using this word within my blog to alert the reader that I am about to go off on a tangent and they have a choice:  Read on with that truth in mind – – or Look further down the page and find the symbol for the end of the Umleitung  and continue the original missive from there.  

I would hope that either choice will continue to entertain and delight – –

With that in mind I will be using the following markers within the blog:

This marks the start of the Umleitung

This indicates the end of the Umleitung