Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helmet Issues

Well,  the FedEx man came and went -- leaving me a big box of toys. Not full of toys,  but the two helmets I was looking for anyway.  Broke them out,  tried mine on and the damn thing is too small around the face.  I wear a 7 5/8 hat, which is the correct match up for the helmet, but the cheek pads are too fat and squish my face to the point that it is uncomfortable.  Then I took out my son's blue Draco helmet and ta-da -- it fits.  Lesson learned:  different styles of helmets fit differently, even if they are from the same company. 

So now my dilemma:  What do I do for a helmet on Saturday and beyond?  My son had something come up Sunday at school so he is dropping out of the course.  Option 1: I could just wear his helmet for the class and then replace mine later.  Option 2:  I take the blue Draco as my own, return mine, and buy him another helmet.  Now the problems with both options:  Replacing mine later assumes my son will take the class or have another need for the helmet later.  That way leads me to being stuck with an extra helmet.  Problem with Option 2:  If I just keep the blue Draco and return mine, I don't get a red helmet -- I know it sounds trivial.  You see all the sports equipment and clothes I have are red, even though my favourite colour is blue, it is a psychological thing for me.  My ski suit, golf clubs, and running stuff are all red or red accented.

One thing I have noticed at this point in life is that I compromise less.  I want what I want or I don't do it.  Calling DSR Power Sports now to arrange an exchange.  Who knows maybe at some point I will need the extra helmet for a passenger.

Here is a pix of the blue Draco:

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