Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let's Start at the Beginning

Now, I need to back up and explain why this blog exists and what motivated it in a little more detail.  The motorcycle idea is all mine, my wife does not agree with it nor does she enthusiastically supported.  Basically, within reason, she is not standing in the way.  I think if I was to come home with a $20K Road King that attitude would probably change quickly to the negative, but as long as I can reasonable I can expect few ruffled feathers.

As a result of her feelings, and the fact that my son is away at college, I don't have anyone to talk with this about or to share my experiences with.  Being the kind of person I am, I like to express my feelings about things and to share with others.  This blog will provide me with that audience, even though I cannot see them or in most cases know who they are.  It is very different for me, because I'm used to some feedback about the things I say and the stories I tell.  So, if you enjoy this or have your own tale to tell please take a moment and drop me an e-mail.  It will be appreciated.

One thing I decided when I started to document this journey with a blog was that I was not going to use any real names in the blog itself, including my own.  I'm not trying to hide, I just don't want to cause any problems for anybody that I may choose to speak about.  It is my way of offering a little protection, at least on the surface, to those who cross my path.  So, I will usually give them some kind of descriptive moniker early-onset you know who I'm talking about instead of trying to use a string of pronouns that would get confusing very quickly.

As I said in my last post I thoroughly enjoyed the class that I took and as result will be proceeding to the next step of my plan which is to find an inexpensive bike to learn and gain experience on.  With winter coming on quickly I have at most a month of clear riding left before it starts to get too cold to do so without extensive equipment.  It will be a quick pick if it is going to happen before the snow falls.

I made a lot of notes during the class and since that I will be turning and entries over the next few days.  There was just simply too much going on to hope to capture it in real-time.  Stay tuned.

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