Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Building a Better Me - Batteries Not Included

I have always considered myself analytical as well as introspective. Even though I've been living with myself for extremely long period of time, I'm still amazed sometimes by things I do -- -- I guess that is part of being human. So, when I reached that pinnacle point of hitting age 50; I looked for things internally that I felt could be improved or goals that I wanted to reach. This is an exercise I put myself through more or less annually and I feel it helps me become a better person and grab opportunities that might have passed me by.

So, I came up with several personal and spiritual goals, that I won't go into here, and a few objectives that I feel need to be achieved prior to me starting my writing next spring. You may share some of the same objectives in your life as they tend to be common among most human beings.
  • Lose some weight -- -- as I've gotten older my metabolism is changed but not my appetite. It is time I bring both back into line
  • Get fit -- -- important since I will be writing and I should be able to lift the bike off of me if I happen to fall.
  • Move towards completing education goals -- -- than 2007 I started working on one Masters degree, then in 2008 I started a second program. Even after all this time, I'm not quite halfway on either one. I need to be.
  • More fully embrace my Freemasonry responsibilities -- -- this year I assume a new office within my Lodge and that means new roles and functions. I need to be prepared.
This will involve a great deal of effort on my part, especially since I hope to achieve something of significance in all four of these areas prior to the start of the 2010 riding season. However, I feel that it is achievable and worthwhile to accomplish these things. My next few entries will deal with each of these areas in depth and how I plan to approach them. E-mail support is always welcome.



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