Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve -- Not A Creature Stirring But I Finished The Damned Paper

Just as quickly as I leave for posting about winter coming on and promising that I would still be loyal about writing; I promptly quit making entries. The timing was unintentional.  As soon as I finished my last entry,
I started to work hard and heavy a graduate course that has been sitting on my shelf for months.  I am working on my MBA online.  Because it is an online course I can kind of do it at my own pace -- which means procrastination. I am happy to report that I completed the entire class since my last entry and I made in A.  But that's not all folks...

I also took a week long in residence course at a governmental university and completed a graduate level course there as well.  After completing the course work though, I had to return home and write a paper for the course in order to receive a grade.  Three minutes ago I completed that paper.  I won't know the results of that for a few weeks but I feel pretty good about it.

It may seem that I'm some kind of demon for education but these are actually things that I have been working on for awhile and I am just getting down to completing.  I will write about this as well as three other projects I'm working on and want to complete before spring riding season begins.

For now, I will share this picture of my dog MacBeth (1 year old, Golden Doodle) who had an opportunity to meet with Santa Claus (as you know he is a motorcyclist too). 

Merry Christmas!


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