Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Wanna Do Bad Things With Sally, A Small-Town Girl, Who Was Flirtin' With Disaster

This 10 will make it over halfway; lots of good tunes yet to go.

Rockin' Down The Highway - Doobie Brothers: A happy song about being on the road. In fact the basis of this entire list is to get me rockin; down the highway.

Ghost Riders In The Sky - Spiderbait: One of two "riders"songs on the list. The movie Ghost Rider was only about average, but there was one scene in it that was very memorable. Towards the end of the movie was a scene where the hero went was prepping to go off and save the day. The old Ghost Rider mounted his skeletal horse that was engulfed in flames while the new Ghost Rider mounted his chopper that was also engulfed in flames. Then with the simple phrase "Let's ride" they took off across the desert to fight the bad guys with the Spiderbait version of this song in the background. Almost spiritual.

Freedom 90 - George Michaels: He has one of the better voices in rock 'n roll music, but some of his best stuff was kind of overlooked due to his personal life. Even though the song is really about the music industry, it is a song about doing things the way you want to do them -- -- freedom.

Flirtin' With Disaster - Molly Hatchet: Great Dixie Rock feel with a driving back rhythm. Heavy on the guitar and drums and lots of road rhythm. Just a great tune for hitting the road.

Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett: It is a song about a girl and a car without a motorcycle in sight; but it is a GREAT song about a girl and a car. Ride Sally ride.

Don't Stop Believin' - Glee Cast: No comments about the TV show, this is just about the song. This cover actually has more passion than the Journey version. The song itself about the city boy and the small-town girl catching the midnight train. Driving riffs and good harmony gets your blood pumping. Just a good traveling song,

Riders On the Storm - The Doors: The second "riders" song. Great introduction by the electronic organ sets the stage for a song that gives the listener visions of riders coming through a thunderstorm. I always saw this as being a group of motorcyclists coming over a hilltop at sunset as the storm rolls in.

Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band: I have always felt that this was a great matchup with Riders On the Storm even though they are from very different eras of music. They both have the same ethereal feel to them.

Bad Things (Club Mix) - Jace Everett: I am a big fan of ballads and this has some of the best primal lyrics of any love song I've heard in a while. "When you came in, the air went out". Great vocals and great rhythm. Spooky.

The Midnight Special - Creedence Clearwater Revival: A list like this could not exist without at least one song from CCR, this is the first of two. I like the bayou feel of the lyrics, and the opening bars of the song brings to mind rolling down some backcountry highway in the deep South.

Well, that's the first 30, 20 more to go.


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