Sunday, February 14, 2010

He Had One More Silver Dollar and Smelled The Colitas as Maurice Pulled Into Nazareth

Well, the first tunes didn't cause too much hate or discontent. Most of the e-mail I got was why specific songs were chosen rather than something being left. So here are the next 10 which will take us to 20 total.

Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi: I will be honest I've never been a Bon Jovi fan, except for this song. There is a great line in there about "on a steel horse I ride". When you add that to the driving rhythms and great guitar work, it is a perfect song to include in this list.

Bad Company - Bad Company: This another of those tunes that when listened to I can just see myself on a bike heading down the highway, feet up in the highway pegs, and wind hitting my body as I roll the throttle.

Highway In the Wind - Arlo Guthrie: The title says motorcycle. The lyric about asking someone to escape with you into the unknown; it id another of those songs that just brings a vision of riding when you listen to it.

The Weight - The Band: I have heard that this song is actually featured in the movie Easy Rider, but I don't remember hearing it. That is okay, because of that rumor I actually took a listen and realized I knew the song but not the song's title. To me song brings a vision of cruising down a lonely blue highway somewhere out in middle of nowhere.

The Joker - Steve Miller Band: Just call me Maurice, this song brings back so many memories from high school and cruising the strip and my 62 Ford Fairlane. Why shouldn't it be there when I'm cruising on two wheels too?

Ramblin' Man - The Allman Brothers Band: I once heard a very dark joke about the Allman Brothers breaking up the group by attrition via motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles did prove devastating for the band but not before they produce some really outrageous tunes. This is another one of those wandering songs that matches up so well for a trip to nowhere in particular on a long weekend.

Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf: One of the three songs on this list about what you were born to be or do. I defy anyone to listen to the beginning of this song and not see a motorcycle speeding down the highway. It gets my motor runin'.

Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen: The second of the born songs. Another one of those fist pumping hard driving tunes that just make you want to get up and go. The gravelly Boss's voice contributes to that feel of needing to hear something like this when riding.

Hotel California - The Eagles: the opening notes alone have always given me a vision of heading down a lonely stretch of highway just before sunset and seeing the lights up ahead and wondering what mysteries would be unveiled if I pulled them. Of course, the lyrics tell of a place somewhere between an episode of The Twilight Zone and slasher movie - so concentrate on the guitar solo instead..

Midnight Rider - Gregg Allman: This is the solo version of the song and not the one by the Allman Brothers Band. I like this one better because it is a little longer and has better musical interludes than the other. The lyrics tell a great tale and the music has really good road rhythm. No way this one was not going to be on my list.

More to come...

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