Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Willin' to Keep on Tryin', Even Though I Have a Touch of Gray

Here are the next 10 that will take us up to 40:

Rebel Yell - Billy Idol: It was a rough decision between this song and White Wedding. In the end, who can argue when she's yelling "More! More! More! " -- Who would want to?

Spirit in the Sky - Doctor & The Medics: Another one of those songs that really doesn't relate to riding, or traveling directly; but it has always meant road trip to me. I like this version better than the original by Norman Greenebaum, no offense.

Touch of Gray - Grateful Dead: I will freely admit that until the Grateful Dead did this song, I ignored most of their music. But after I heard this song I actually went back and got American Beauty and found there was a lot to like in their tunes. Touch of grey? Isn't that what this whole adventure is all about?

Ohio (Come Back to Texas) - Bowling for Soup: Boy meets girl, girl meets banker, and girl runs off to Ohio, boy pines for girl. Okay, no bikes there -- -- but I like the tune and it has a driving rhythm to it. And there is the constant reminder that the Mexican food sucks north of Texas anyway.

Willin' - Little Feat: There are so many different meanings that can be found in this song. But to me it is about a guy trying to make a little further down the road because he's willin' -- after all he's been from Tucson to Tocumcari. (I actually drove the 1100 miles from Los Angeles to Tocumcari once in a little over 11 hours, but that's another story)

Keep On Trying - Poco: This is one of the prettiest songs that Poco ever did, it is also one of those songs that is about going on and not giving up. Perfect for a road trip.

Slow Ride - Foghat: Driving guitar rhythms make this a good choice for the list. Even though I actually picture myself doing around 60 miles an hour while listening to it and not doing a slow ride.

Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd: Anyone of my age group knows why this song is here. I refuse to explain or justify it.

A Little Less Conversation [JXL Radio Edit Remix] - Elvis Presley: JXL took it a little known Elvis song and turned it into something fun. With upgraded base and electronic refs is a great song to get motivated and moving.

All Right Now - Free: An older song, that still makes me want to move and get moving. The lyrics are a little light, but man the music makes up for it.

Only 10 more to his left and then my list will be complete.


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