Saturday, April 2, 2022

Karma With a Free Side Order

This morning, I had to take MacBeth for his annual well puppy exam. In addition to him, I have to take a recent poop sample so the Vet can check it for heartworms and other parasites. I usually put it inside a Ziplock bag, which I stick inside a plastic grocery bag to keep the package non-descript and sanitary.

On the way to the Vet's, I needed to pick up a few items at the grocery store. Even with the poop packaged as I mentioned above, it could still let off an obnoxious scent. Since MacBeth was going to stay in the car and I didn’t want to imprison him with the smell, I took it with me. Once outside the vehicle, I hung it on the driver's side rearview mirror. 

I went inside and retrieved the two or three things I needed, then when I got back to the car, I was surprised to find the bag I had hung from the mirror was gone. I looked around to ensure it hadn’t just fallen off, but it was nowhere to be found. 

I can only surmise that someone saw a plastic bag with the store's name it hanging from the mirror and stole it assuming something valuable was inside. I snickered all the way from the store to the Vet's office thinking about the person who stole the bag, I imagined how it would go when they got home and were surprised by the object of their thievery inside the bag.

Karma's a bitch -- and sometimes it comes with a side of poop.

Note:  MacBeth's physical went fine and except for a minor liver issue, for a thirteen-year-old puppy he is doing great.


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