Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quest III, Part II: Real Bacon, Throat Punching & A Group Trip To Wal-Mart

Everybody else arrived together; they had been out riding earlier that day and were just pulling into the cabin for the first time.  The crowd included Tikk, Hot Biker Chick (HBC) & Kent, and GrnEyes.  We all said hello and shook hands.  Since this was the right place, my son and I took our stuff into the cabin.  From the start, I could tell that GrnEyes had a very wry sense of humor and was going to be fun to be around.  A discussion took place from their arrival concerning what had occurred the night before while they were all sleeping in a single hotel room along with one other person who had not arrived yet. 

This person, Saginaw HillBilly, apparently could rival jet noise with his snoring and had kept them all awake the night before.  Everyone in the group verified this fact and as near, as I could tell he slept through various things being thrown at him during the night -- to include shoes.  I'm not sure when she said it first, but it may of been during this period but GrnEyes used a phrase that I will forever more associate with her that was a variation of the sentiment that she should have punched him in the throat.  Anyway, HillBilly showed up and accepted some good-natured ribbing about his snoring.  After everyone spent a few minutes getting settled in, we all decided to go to dinner.

We all took off down the road riding a loose formation to a place called T.C. Grill.   Sitting down to dinner together at two tables, we all got to know each other a little better.  Everyone was from Michigan.  My son took time to explain what the cowbell was and how it figured into this whole trip.  Then each of them signed it, along with our waitress.  T.C.'s claims to have the world's best cheeseburger.  I wouldn't know I had the grilled chicken, but my son said he had the best fried chicken sandwich he ever had in his entire life.

After dinner, we took off and went into town to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff for breakfast for the cabin.  Ever since we hit the state line in Tennessee, I was noticing that we were seeing as many bikes as we were cars on the road, which to me was very unusual.  I am not sure how my local Wal-Mart would react if seven bikers all dressed in leather walked into the store as a group; but the person at the door promptly greeted us and everyone was very friendly and helpful.  After grabbing groceries and figuring out whose bike could carry what, we headed back to the cabin.

The next morning, we all congregated in the kitchen while we waited to take showers in the one bathroom that the cabin had.  HBC was nice enough to have made coffee, Tikk was busy making bacon & eggs and my son ended up making the toast.

It has been a long time since I've had bacon that was not made in a microwave.  I mean, when I found out that you could make regular bacon in a microwave without getting grease all over the kitchen I was happy with that.  Then they came out with bacon it was already cooked and all you had to do was warm it up in the microwave that was even better.  It was convenient, quick, and neat.  What I forgotten was how good that bacon made in a real frying pan where it sits in the grease while it cooks was.  Delicious.

After breakfast, I started to load the dishwasher and was accused of taking HBC's job from her.  I was okay with that, so I finished loading it.  After a quick clean up, everyone except HBC & Kent jumped on their bikes and headed for the Tail of the Dragon.

I will talk about the actual ride to my next entry, but for now, you can enjoy the video below (in two parts), which is actual documentation of the first ride that Tikk, GrnEyes, Wakko (my son), HillBilly and me took down US 129 aka the Tail of the Dragon.
Part 1
Part 2


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