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Blogs of Blogs and Blogs of Blogging About Blogs of Blogs and Other Stuff Blogged About

After what I've read of your posts so far, if I were to describe you as a dish, it would be like - Hilarious with a pinch of sarcasm, mixed in with Kuwaiti spices but cooked the American way.“  
Bloggy 6/18/12

I don’t  think I have ever heard a review of my writing that compared it to food;  but I like this one.  
In keeping with that theme, today’s entry will be like CORN night (Clean Out the Refrigerator Night) as it will cover several things -- including some ads to previous posts, rather than just one.  So, enjoy the stew and try to keep up so you don’t get lost along the way.

There are, I have found out, several really good Blogs in Kuwait that are written in English.  Some by Americans and some not.  Here are a few that I have started to read regularly:

Mark’s blog is a twofer.  The B Side is funny and interesting stuff found on the web,  the A Side is hard hitting news with analysis and other stuff.  Well, actually the A Side is only more other stuff,  observations and local info and stories.  Well, not really all local because there are movie reviews and I learned how to dougie from a link provided there.  Now that I have categorized and defined the site,  I will say that I enjoy it but never at 2:48AM.  I kinda wonder what would happened if I did read it at that exact time – one of those mysteries like what might happen if you kept your eyes open when you sneezed,  you know deep down it will be okay; but somehow you just can’t bring yourself to do it because you might shoot your eyes across the room.

Kind of a cross between news about local shopping and whatever the blogger thought was cool that day.  I would never have seen Death on a tricycle or found about an alien spaceship that looks like the Millennium Falcon sitting at the bottom of the Baltic Sea without this site.   What can I say,  I like stuff like that.

I will admit it – the fact that the Blogger wears a Jeanie outfit was the reason why I started to read the blog; after all it does claim to be the Cutest Blog on the Block.  I like the information she provides and it was when I started to read her blog that I realized how much was going on here.  At least enough to fill up a dozen or so blogs.  She even has a Who’s Who of American Bloggers, which included me.  I am still in the process of checking out all the blogs listed.

The blog says it is a Blog aggregator; which I have determined means it is a Blog that is made up of bits of blog from other blogs to create a newer blog.  I like it because it is bits of blog from blogs that I have never seen before and I am always about discovery.
The Dog Formerly Known as Yet to be Named Dog, is now Dog Still Yet to be Named.  It is still on my To Do list, just been busy.  He is a lot of fun to watch and play with and he seems to be getting acclimated just fine.

Two other things I have learned,  but failed to previously discuss:

-  If you plug a 110v appliance into a 220v outlet and turn it on, the magic smoke that makes it work will escape and  you will need to replace it with a new appliance of similar function that is either dual voltage or 220v.  Almost everything seems to be dual voltage these days,  but there are still a few 100v only devices I use – so far I have managed to keep the magic smoke sealed in all of them.
-  If you leave your dental floss in your car before bringing it in to use, put it in the freezer for a bit before you use it.  The wax on floss gets “melty” in the heat and if you use it that way the wax comes off between your teeth and for the next few hours your whole mouth feels like you have chewing on a mint flavored birthday candle.    

And finally, for a bit for shameless self-promotion…

I have now published my first book, which was written right here in Kuwait:

From the stuff I put on the book’s jacket:

Evan Davis is a writer, or at least he would be if he could finish his first book. Because the book has languished unfinished, Davis finds himself presented with an ultimatum by his agent: Take a three month assignment as a press imbed in Afghanistan or risk losing his book contract. Since the job does have a salary attached he takes it, but before departing, a friend hands Davis a hastily gathered good luck charm: three paperclips. Over the months in country he gets to know the men of a small team of US soldiers that he is deployed with and rediscovers his muse writing about their experiences in Southwest Asia for a truth hungry American public. Davis also finds use for each of his talismans, as they save his life and those of the men he comes to regard as his team; the men who promised each other that they would all make it home in one piece.

If you want to read the book, you can find it here:  Link 

Until next week….


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