Wednesday, September 19, 2012

..and It's Also International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Three years ago on this day,  I launched this Blog.  I was turning 50 and I thought it was time to capture some of what I was feeling, thinking, and I was starting to ride a motorcycle again.   Now, this blog has been quoted by other blogs, linked to other things on the internet and read by folks far beyond whatever audience I thought I might reach when I first took keyboard in hand.  I now own my dream bike, a Valkyrie Interstate,  and my writing has matured into publishing my first novel.  There was no way I could have predicted it was going to end up here.
As I thumb through all the pictures and entries, I recall where I was mentally when I wrote them.  Other details that I left out and probably should have added come to mind as well.  Maybe another time, today I am looking forward.

I look forward down the road into the next year of my life and feel good, optimistic, and realize my brief profile remains true:  World traveler and part-time philosopher.

 Many thanks to NASA who timed the final "flight" of the space shuttle Endeavor to start on my birthday.  Said it before and I will say it again NASA ROCKS!


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  1. Woo Hoo! Three years of blogging. Your blog is a wee bit older than my blog. Congratulations and I'm a big fan of your blog and post style. Plus I love your doggy. :)