Sunday, August 25, 2013

These Ones Leave, Those Ones Arrive

It is that time again. Time for troops that have been here to go home and a whole new group of people to show up to take their place. It will happen with the flurry of activity but without a significant failure in either the mission or the pace at which things here go on. Everyone in uniform in the picture above will have gone home by 5 September (our unit is much larger, this is just the folks in our building).  The few people that you see in civilian clothes interspersed among the uniforms will still be here as they are the maintainers of the corporate knowledge for this unit and its mission. By the way, not all of them are government civilians – – there are a few contractors in that mix too. The significance of this particular change out is that it will be the last one I will be here for on this tour.

Shortly, I will be going back to the United States on leave and when I return to Kuwait I will set about preparing for my own departure. I will be documenting the things that I do on a daily basis and all the right numbers to call when something goes wrong as I prepare for whoever comes to take my place. It is familiar transition for me, when I was in the Air Force I did several times but as civilian I have done it even more – – mostly because as time has passed I have progressed to positions of greater responsibility. By the time I finally board my Freedom Bird at the end of November I will have laid out a plan that will at least get my replacement started in the right direction.

But, I am getting ahead of myself -- today I will put together a briefing to familiarize the new Commander -- the fourth of my tenure -- about my team's job and what we plan to accomplish in both the short and long-term.  I do this now with one eye on the calendar as the days continue to count down to my departure.

No progress yet on my Kuwait Bucket List, I figure I will get started on it in earnest when I get back from my leave.

Pix Of The Week

In honor of the Kuwait Triathlon.  Love it when the local businesses show their humor.

Stewie Al Griffin


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