Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down

Kuwait, in an average November, gets ½ inch of rain.  My best guess was that on the 18th we got 3”-5” of rain.  The desert is just not built to absorb it,  the infrastructure is not built to handle it and it sends people into a semi-appropriate panic.   Imagine 6” of snow and ice falling on Miami.

Here are few pictures I took and some from tertiary sources on the internet (who did not credit them).  It was something to see – best from a distance.

There is a road there.  Really.

This lake is the section of desert where I run Falkor.  

Humor in Chaos

Rain is in the forecast for the next 3 days, I leave in 5.


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  1. Great post but a report went out asking all blogs and social media to remove photos of flood damaged pics of the camps. It's a OPSEC violation.